At present, the Sri Eden is funded by contributions given by the children’s parents and well-wishers. We  have to appeal for donations from caring people like your goodself/ corporation, to help us to keep this work continuing.

With the donations received, we hope to be able to achieve the following:-

1) Staffing : To provide adequate skilled and trained staff to manage the growing numbers of such children seeking help from the Centre. The numbers of such children are constantly on the rise and without sufficient funds we will not be able to take these children in.

2) Children’s Attendance : In order to achieve positive results in these children, it requires intensive training.  Some of these children only attends the Centre 2 or 3 times a week for 2 hourly sessions each time. This is insufficient time to work with the children and progress is slow. It is our hope that with sufficient funds we will be able to employ more staff so that these children can attend the Centre daily for 5 times a week to maximize on the Centre’s programmes.

3) Sponsorship of Children : We also hope that sponsors will be able to ‘adopt’ a child for a year.  Each sponsorship is at RM 300 per month.  This would greatly alleviate some parent’s financial burden as these children requires attending other therapies at other private centres too.

4) Sponsorship of Therapist’s salary : In working with special needs childrere, there are a lot of unseen underlying issues in relation with the connection of the physique to the brain and vice-versa that inhibits the learning process.  These issues require specialists in Occupational Therapy, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, etc. to identify them.  Employing these therapists to work as a multi-disciplinary team would be the ideal approach to work with these special needs children.  At this moment, we are unable to employ any of these Therapists due to lack of funds. We hope that there will be sponsors who will be willing to adopt these Therapists monthly salaries so that we can provide what is appropriate and necessary in our work with these children.

5) Transportation : Due to transportation problems, some of these children’s parents are only able to send their children in 2 or 3 times a week only.  There are also some cases of children having to drop out of the Centre due to unavailability of transport to the Centre. It is our hoped that we can raise enough funds to purchase a van too to pick up these children daily to the Centre.

Families of these children suffer great distresss, uncertainties, hopelessness and homes have broken up due to the stresses caused with having such a child.

Please help us to give these children the help they need in order to ‘normalize’ them and to give them a hope and a future.  With training and intervention, there is a possibility of turning them into independent and functionable individuals so that they can be integrated into Society.

With whatever donations you can make, whether big or small, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Help us and together let us make this nation to be ‘A CARING SOCIETY’.

Thanking you for your kind consideration to the needs of our Centre. Your donation can be made payable to

Maybank A/C No. 514785017317

Thank You!

Sri Eden
c/o pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Sri Eden

Download Complete Sri Eden Donation Appeal Letter (PDF Format)