Ludo for Children with Special Needs

This week, we played Ludo with our children here at Sri Eden!

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Board games have been known to help instill many skills for children to develop, regardless of age. They help teach our children to:

Take turns

Children learn to cultivate patience and wait for their turn. They prompt their friends by calling their name, when it’s their turn to move. This encourages children to communicate with one another.

Improve maths knowledge

Educational board games teach children the basic counting skills and descending skills quickly.

Gain knowledge of basic concepts

Children learn to follow the rules of the board game, play fairly and understand the nature of the game. They learn to keep tabs on their colour and move their respective blocks at the right time.

Grammar and vocabulary

Children have the opportunities to learn correct grammar and vocabulary. E.g. “Please pass me the dice. Whose turn is it?” They learn to cheer for their friends by imitating the teacher’s vocal expressions. E.g. “Common! You can do it!”.

Social Skills

Board games encourage children to be more sociable, allow them to use their own language to interact, communicate with freedom of speech. Some children with poor language command and bad manners may emerge during playtime. However, teachers and older kids will be able to correct younger children and lead them to speak good English and behave well. They learn to make friends easily, play comfortably with anyone regardless of races or religion or the color of the skin. Social skills also includes an exchange of non-verbal language. Children who have no speech in our centre may also join in and have the opportunity to learn new skills!

Recognition of colours

Ludo introduces 4 colours (green, blue, yellow, red). By repeated pronunciation of the colour, and indication (by pointing at their colour blocks),

young children learn to identify and recognize colours confidently.