My One-Day Unilife” is an event organized by UCSI, aimed at giving children and adolescence an opportunity to experience the life of a university student, beginning right from enrolment up to graduation. Nine children from Sri Eden were selected to participate in this event, which was held on the 17th of January 2014 (Saturday): Kenneth Toh, Lee Luoh Yi, Ny Chee Hoong, Kong Chan Weng, Jeff Lee, Loo Kah Fai, Lam Ka Hoe and Kok Wei Xin.
The children gathered at UCSI at 8:30am for registration. They were each given a name tag with their group numbers printed on it. Soon after, the children gathered at the indoor basketball court for the group orientation. They played a few games and danced along with children from other organizations before returning to their respective groups. 

Each child attended two different lectures, which suited their age and interest. Among the lectures held where Architecture, Music, Fashion Design and Engineering. Each lecture session lasted for about an hour. There were 15-20 children in each lecture hall. Each child from our center was facilitated by a buddy. The really cold air-conditioned lecture halls did not stop the children from expressing their passion and creativity during lectures. They were inspired to learn and make new friends! 

During the lecture on architecture, pictures of the atap house and skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur were projected. 9-year old Jeff Lee looked at the pictures and said “architecture… change the house!”. 10-year old Lam Ka Hoe said “architecture… build buildings”. Despite having learning disabilities, our children were able to actively engage in the lecture content.

After lunch at 12pm, the children were told to get started on making their very own graduation hat using black sugar paper. The proud graduates were called upon on stage to receive their certificate of participation, along with a goodie bag. In a nutshell, our children were able to experience little snapshots of milestones as a university student. We would like to wholeheartedly thank UCSI and their sponsors for this opportunity!